The Super 20 Wiffle® Ball Teams on the Planet Earth

as of July 16, 2018

  1. Cult West WarriorsSouth Bend, IN
  2. Funky Plastic Offspring, Mishawaka, IN
  3. New Carlisle NewtsNew Carlisle, IN
  4. Balco Boys, Mishawaka, IN
  5. Bloomfield BombersPalatine, IL
  6. Warsaw Whitecats, Warsaw, IN
  7. Lombard Lightning, Lombard, IL
  8. Clutch Players, South Bend, IN
  9. Granger Panthers, Granger, IN
  10. Maple City Magic, LaPorte, IN
  11. Woo Crew, Chicago, IL
  12. Club Ripped, Munster, IN
  13. Loweriders, Chicago, IL
  14. The Cousins, Wheaton, IL
  15. Alpha Team, St. Louis, MO
  16. Stache Bros, Woodridge, IL
  17. Hudson Lake Heat, Rolling Prairie, IN
  18. Hadler’s Heartwarming Chili, Arlington Heights, IL
  19. Great Lakes Godfathers, Niles, MI
  20. Bolingbrook Pilgrims, Bolingbrook, IL