The Super 10 Wiffle® Ball Teams of All-Time

In celebration of the Championship’s Silver Anniversary in 2004, ten teams were named the greatest in World Wiffle® Ball Championship history. (This list is now updated annually.)

1. Blue Ribbon Builders, 1989-2010

After routinely going to the final eight in the early ‘90s, Hall-of-Famers and Granger, Indiana wifflers Kerry and Terry Snyder, in 1995, completed the most stunning acquisition in tournament history, signing the two best young players in the game, Jason Zolman (Co-Player of the ‘90s) and Ben Downey. Seven titles later, Hall-of-Famers Downey, Zolman and Nathan Barcus continued to win without the retired Snyders, through 2010.

2. Dud’s Gang, 1987-94

The gold standard of Wiffle® Ball in the late ‘80s and early ‘90s, this team featured the most deadly group of home run hitters in the tournament’s history. They won five consecutive titles from 1987-91, then avenged their ‘92 loss to win a then-record sixth championship in 1993. Defeating this South Bend, Indiana team was such a rarity that – when it looked like it would happen – the event drew hundreds of fans. Outfielders Dave and Dan Reed, pitcher Scott Schroyer, and catcher Glen Duddleson, are all in the Hall-of-Fame. Dave Reed was named Co-Player of the ‘90s.

t3. Club Ripped, 1999-present

Playing in what may go down as the golden age of Wiffle® Ball, the “kids” from Munster, Indiana have managed to win four titles over some of the toughest competition in the three decade history of the tournament. Hall-of-Famers (and Player of the ’00s) Nate Hansen, Mike Baniak and John Premetz lead this team of power hitters and mistake-free defenders.

t3. Funky Plastic Offspring, 2004-present

The team’s fifth man and Hall-of-Famer Mike Schuster won a title in 1985 with Laidig. Now his sons, Hall-of-Famers Dan and Randy, HOFer Joel Cyrier, and youngest son Joey, lead this team of super-athletes, world champs in 2007, 2011, 2013 and 2014.

t3. Cult West Warriors, 2008-present

The 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 world champs have been around in one form or another since 1987’s Westsiders went to the final game. Fast, powerful and talented, captained by Hall-of-Famer, Scott Soos, they’ve done serious damage in the sport over the last few years.

6. The Sure Things, 1987-2007

This Indiana/Kentucky/Georgia team never seemed to stop contending. While other dynasties came and went, these guys won three titles over two decades (1992, 1998 and 2001), interrupting the reigns of both Dud’s Gang and the legendary Blue Ribbon Builders. Pitcher/longballer Skip Wright was the team’s backbone, Mike Weber the consistent star and captain Ken Humphrey, the glue. All are in the Hall-of-Fame.

7. Blue Ribbon Babys, 1982-84

Three years – three championships. The 1983 champs may have been the most explosive offensive team in tournament history. Bashing 93 homers in 7 games, this Bloomington, Indiana team featured four Hall-of-Famers: Jim Wiesjahn, Player of the ‘80s Dave Steinhilber and tournament founders Larry Grau and Jim Bottorff (who also won a title in 1980 with “College Park”).

8. Homeboys, 1981-2011

The tournament’s flagship team, they won world championships in 1981 and 1986. Led by the ageless barefoot aerialist outfielder Scott Ermeti, stopper and all-time mythical homerun champion “Gator” Waumans, and the slap-hitting Mad Belgian, Perry Baert, these Mishawaka originals retired in their late 40s after playing for 30 years. All three are in the hall-of-fame.

9. Balco Boys, 2007-present

The 2008 and 2010 world champs also won the national championship in 2009 and 2010. Loaded with home run hitters and defensive stoppers, including Hall-of-Famers Joe Stratton and Eric Wodrich, this team is still contending, well into the next decade.

10. Weasels, 1991-94

The dynasty that never was, the Weasels challenged the game’s dominant team of the day, Dud’s Gang, every year for four years. After finally taking the title in 1994, the Indy kids disappeared forever. Stellar outfielder/power hitter Andy Schoettle is in the Hall-of-Fame.