Why this game of Wiffle® Ball?

Consider the following.

A six-foot home run fence on a miniature field, with defensive players frequently leaping high into the air and reaching over the wall to rob hitters of home runs.  Double-plays, triple-plays, twelve-year-old players stealing home to win games.

Fifty-year-old pitchers throwing magnificent junk and diving to make crucial putouts.  Tense moments in games where defense and baserunners are as important as hitters and pitchers.

And best of all – home runs.

Not easy-to-come-by homers, for the fence is 85 to 100-feet away. But enough homers for a decent hitter to feel like Henry Aaron for a day. And pitches – while still coming in as huge breaking curves, sinkers and knucklers – are slow enough that hitters don’t benefit from putting a fast bat to a lightning pitch.

For over 40 years, The World Wiffle® Ball Championship has had it all.

Defense.  Homers.  Great base running.  Crafty pitchers.  Defensive catchers.  Base stealing.  More action than baseball.  And most importantly – by law – the Mullanys’ magic Wiffle® Ball and yellow plastic Wiffle® Bat.

And fans! Hundreds of people hanging on the outcome of games – because the game looks like baseball and is exciting.

So, while you’re surfing through the various tournaments posted on the Internet, ask yourself why you are looking to play Wiffle® Ball again?

For most of us, it’s because we want to have fun playing a game that — even if it’s not actually baseball — has all of the look, feel and excitement of baseball.