It’s Memorial Day weekend! It’s that special time of year when school is nearly out, extremely fast cars are turning left repeatedly in central Indiana, and everyone remembers that they still need to sign up for the World Wiffle Ball Championship in Midlothian, Illinois.

This year is the 43rd plastic-palooza, and to celebrate that momentous occasion, we have this year’s t-shirt design (we expect to see some of these at Soldier Field in the Fall):

You’ll need to register before JUNE 15 if your team wants these sweet t-shirts. That’s only 3 weeks from tomorrow. Time to sign up! The Championship is only a month-and-a-half away (July 16-17, 2022).

To register, go here:

Here are the brass tacks:

Eligibility: Everyone. Given the injury situation on our own team, we might have a 4-year-old play. We welcome all wifflers.

Registration Deadlines: We mentioned the JUNE 15 t-shirt deadline. The final deadline to register for the WWBC is JULY 1.

Tournament Format: Every team is guaranteed four games in Round Robin play on Saturday. A 2-2 record qualifies for the single-elimination tournament on Sunday. At the completion of pool play, all 1-3 teams will play in an extra-inning tournament with the final spot awarded to the survivor.

Defending Champion: New Carlisle Newts of New Carlisle, Indiana.

South Suburban Humane Society: We are pleased that we will again provide proceeds from the 43rd WWBC to this wonderful organization for the fifth year. This year, we will cross the $10,000 mark in total donations to SSHS. Every dollar after tournament costs goes to help animals in need.

Social Media: Twitter/Facebook (@worldwiffleball) Instagram (@worldwiffleballchampionship)

We hope everyone has a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at Memorial Park on July 16!

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