In less than two months, a World Wiffle® Ball Champion will be crowned for the 42nd time. Time is running out to get in on the fun, August 14-15 at Memorial Park in Midlothian, Illinois.

*Deadline to receive shirts with the entry fee: July 15

*Final Deadline: August 1

Here are a couple reasons why you’re going to want to get in sooner rather than later.

This has the potential to be our biggest sale that we have offered. Refunds will be paid out after the August 1 registration deadline.

Take advantage so that you can spend the Fourth of July weekend with family and friends, getting ready for the World’s longest-running Wiffle® bash.


As mentioned above, all players on teams that register by July 15 will receive an official World Wiffle® Ball Championship shirt. For those that may be new to the WWBC, the tradition of providing shirts to competitors goes back to the late 1980s ranging from designs in the spirit of Woodstock to this year’s crisp look featuring the traditional WWBC logo.

A limited amount of shirts will be available for sale at the tournament and through our website.

Hall of Fame Inductees

Earlier this week, we announced that two prolific wifflers will enter the World Wiffle® Ball Championship Hall of Fame in 2021. The two entrants will be the 41st and 42nd players to join this exclusive group of the game’s innovators and star players over the past 42 years.

HOF photo taken in 2019 prior to the 40th World Wiffle Ball Championship

Wiffleballers Having Beers

In conjunction with Oddball Sports, we have brought back one of the founder’s most cherished projects of the past – Wiffleballers Having Beers.

Each month, we’ll sit down and discuss two of our favorite things – Wiffle® and beer – with guests who specialize in both areas. Our first episode released last week featured Tim Pauly from Broken Bat Brewery in Milwaukee, WI. We won’t spoil the video for you, but yeah, they put an entire Wiffle® field inside of their brewery. Pretty damn cool.

Check it out at Oddball Sports!


For those coming in from out of town (teams have already registered from six states), our partners at Chicago Southland have put together a page solely for wifflers with reduced rates at some of the hotels in close proximity to Midlothian. You can access the link HERE.

August 14 (National Wiffle® Ball Day!) will be here before you know it. #GetIn

Keep up-to-date with us on social media @WorldWiffleball on Twitter/Facebook and @worldwiffleballchampionship on Instagram.

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