Spring Cleaning

Every year when the weather turns, we get excited. It’s time to get back outside, time for cookouts, time for fireworks, time for wiffleball. Most years, this is just a pleasant feeling around MLB opening day or the first warm March day, but it disappears with the first April snowfall. This isn’t most years.

For the past year, we have been constantly reminded of the things we can’t do. No concerts. No weddings. No in-person work or school. No baseball games. No meeting up with friends. This spring feels different. This spring feels like something worth really celebrating. A lot of these things are coming back.

This isn’t one of those dubious “healing through sports” ideas. We have always looked at our tournament as more than a “sport.” It’s a gathering of friends, old, current, and potential. It’s a group of people travelling from all over the country to reunite for a weekend in the summer to reminisce and play a game we’ve all loved since we were kids. It is a hopeful, celebratory event.

We will always be grateful for so many of you who came to the Championship last year under less than ideal circumstances. But last year’s Championship (understandably) felt a little different. We expect this year’s Championship to be a return to the good old days of two years ago, where friends and family can reunite for fun and plastic beating free of the concerns of last year.

It seems like things are starting to improve a bit. Through vaccines and additional understanding of the virus, there is finally cause for some optimism that we might get through this sometime soon. That this new optimism coincides with the arrival of spring makes it even better. We can all look forward to getting together for some wiffle fun without the same worries that plagued many of us last year.

This spring, the return of wiffle feels real again. Being able to host this annual reunion is a labor of love for us, and we’re thrilled to be getting ready for another one. This year more than ever.

42nd WWBC Details

The World’s oldest Wiffle® tournament returns to Midlothian, Illinois on August 14-15, 2021. All teams, consisting of 4 or 5 players, will play four pool play games on Saturday, with all teams at 2-2 or better advancing to the Sunday single-elimination tournament.

With the $149 entry fee, all players will receive an official World Wiffle® Ball Championship t-shirt (design released in early June).

Proceeds from the tournament will continue to benefit South Suburban Humane Society, as we will look to hit the $10,000 mark in total donations since moving to Midlothian in 2018.

Keep an eye out on social media for the remainder of May, as we’ll highlight some of teams that have had successful runs over the past few years.

Oddball Preview

Year two on Oddball is bringing back a series that lasted a whole two episodes years ago, with a slightly different name.

“Wiffleballers Having Beers” will feature wiffle personalities while enjoying some beers, as well as personalities in the world of beer who enjoy wiffle. First episode will come out in mid-May.

In case you’re interested, here are links to the two previous episodes of WIBHB with a couple of Hall of Famers talking wiffle over a span of four decades.

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