Happy June, Wifflers!

This May newsletter is coming at tail end of May, a month that saw some positive developments on the Coronavirus front toward our new September 19-20, 2020 Championship. Our fingers remain firmly crossed. With the improving weather, we also saw a bunch of you outside beating some plastic on social media. That’s a beautiful sign that summer is nearly here.

Oddball Collaboration

May also featured an exciting new venture. We have partnered with a new website/platform that launched today called Oddball: https://www.oddballsports.tv/.

We’re thrilled that Wiffle® Ball will be a part of the eclectic collection of sports and games that will be featured on Oddball. One of our goals is to introduce as many people as possible to the wonderful world of Wiffle®, and this is an excellent partner to help us accomplish that goal.

When we met the Oddball community, we immediately found a group of people like those that has made the World Wiffle® Ball Championship the longest-running Wiffle® Ball tournament in the world. Our sport draws people who love to have a good time, while also getting the competitive juices flowing.

Oddball allows us to bring you new Wiffle® content, from live streams of WWBC tournament games to interviews with wifflers around the country. It gives us an outlet to re-introduce the game to adults who haven’t picked up a bat and ball since their days on the playground, as well as to provide exposure for the youth of the sport. And it gives new wifflers a window into a sport that we adore.

POD Profiles

We’ve reached the midway point in our profiles of the ten Player of the Decade candidates, and this month feature brothers who are two of the game’s best.  Additionally, keep an eye out for an interview with Randy and Joe Schuster later this month on Oddball!

February: Wes Ellis / Dan Lowe
March: Jay Ryans / Dan Schuster

Randy Schuster Randy

Current Team:  Funky Plastic Offspring
First WWBC:  2004
Champion:  2007, 2011, 2013, 2014
Inducted into WWBC HOF:  2013

One of the game’s all-time defensive greats, Randy Schuster has turned the robbed homer into an art-form.  While the current four-foot fences in Midlothian provide a different dynamic in the outfield than the six-foot fences at previous WWBC homes, Randy continues to dazzle in left field like no other.

In the 2011 WWBC Championship game at Rose Park, Randy and his brother (Dan) put on arguably the greatest defensive display in Championship history.  An upstart Baugo Bombers reached the title game, but literally hit a brick wall in the form of multiple robbed homers by the Schuster brothers.

After about the fourth such theft, one Baugo Bomber commented:

“Who do we hit it to:  Jesus or Moses?”

Joe Schuster JoeyTrophy

Current Team:  Funky Plastic Offspring
First WWBC:  2007
Champion:  2011, 2013, 2014

FPO was certainly excellent in the 2000s, reaching the Championship game in 2004 and winning a title in 2007.  Then, they tapped into the family farm-system in 2010 and called up another super-athlete.

The youngest Schuster brother, Joe, is an all-around Wiffle stud and one of the game’s most prolific power hitters.  Not surprisingly, Joe’s addition contributed to FPO’s dominance in the early 2010s, with three World Titles in four years.

Have questions?  Want tournament updates?  Keep up with the WWBC:

Twitter/Facebook:  @WorldWiffleball
Oddball:  oddballsports.tv
Instagram:  @worldwiffleballchampionship

Email:  worldwiffleballchampionship@gmail.com

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