Spring has sprung, wifflers.  That means it should be time to watch players like George Springer hit his famous “Springer Dingers” and Trevor May mow down the competition in relief.

Unfortunately, baseball and almost all sports have been ground to a halt due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The World Wiffle® Ball Commission will continue to monitor state and federal guidelines and orders regarding public gatherings; but at this time, the 41st World Wiffle® Ball Championship remains scheduled for July 18-19, 2020 at Memorial Park in Midlothian, Illinois.

Given the uncertainty of the upcoming months, the Commission is working on contingency plans in the event that the Championship cannot be held in July. If there are any changes, we will make further announcements on our website and social media.

Registration for the WWBC is currently open.  Understanding that the Coronavirus is having a negative financial impact on many, you can sign your team up and defer payment until June 1.  This will allow for those who want to sign up to take advantage of the opportunity to win a free entry (see below) to get in their entries.  If you have paid, or want to pay now, should the tournament be canceled or postponed, full refunds will be available.

Free Entry / Referral Refund

As announced in last month’s newsletter, don’t forget to get signed up early, as it could lead to a free entry for your team!

To qualify for the free entry into this year’s tournament, all you need to do is register by May 1.  We’ll have a drawing shortly thereafter and provide a full refund (or waive payment) to the winner.

Also, what is better than playing wiffle with more friends?  Nothing!  You and another team can also earn one $30 refund for referring a new team!  Here’s how this works:

How to qualify:

  • Both teams must sign up and submit payment before the WWBC registration deadline.
  • The team with which you have the referral agreement must be filled in on the entry form.
  • The new team must consist of at least four players who did not participate in the 2019 WWBC.

Additionally, if you refer a new team prior to May 1, your team will be put in the hopper a second time for a chance at the free entry.

All teams will be guaranteed four pool play games on Saturday, and possibly more if they can advance to Sunday’s single-elimination tournament.  Teams that sign up before the initial June 1 deadline will receive WWBC t-shirts.  With your help and participation, we will be able to donate to animals in need at South Suburban Humane Society.

POD Profiles

February:  Wes Ellis / Dan Lowe

We continue our features on the ten candidates for Player of the Decade with one of the most dominant pitchers in the game, as well as a player who displays his leadership in the field as much as at the plate.

Jay RyansRyans

Current Team:  Cult West Warriors
First WWBC:  1993
Champion:  2017, 2018, 2019
MLB Wiffle Lineup:  Mike Trout, Cody Bellinger, Christian Yelich, Mookie Betts, Javier Baez

One of the most feared pitchers in the game today, Jay Ryans has been a part of the World Wiffle® Ball Championship for almost 20 years.  Jay joined Cult West when Danny Hernandez’s uncle, Johnny, needed a player.  After missing a few tournaments playing college baseball, Jay has been a staple in the WWBC since 2004.

Even though Jay has that sweet, Griffey-like swing from the left side of the plate, it is the famous “Ryans knuckler” that has put him in the history books, winning three World Championships with Cult West.  Not only does Jay excel on the mound and at the plate, his leadership contributes to team chemistry and a 34-game WWBC winning streak.  Having “two pitchers on the team, well that always helps,” Jay explained.

What does Jay think would happen in a game (assuming no wind) between the four-time defending World Champs and his MLB Wiffle lineup above?  “It’s a different game than baseball, so I would give us a close win (10-6).”  To be fair, he also threw a couple LOLs in his response.

Dan SchusterDanFPO

Current Team:  Funky Plastic Offspring
First WWBC:  2004
Champion:  2007, 2011, 2013, 2014
Inducted into WWBC HOF:  2013
MLB Wiffle Lineup:  Four multi-sport athletes

Having competed in the World Wiffle® Ball Championship since 2004, Dan Schuster has made a major impact for the Funky Plastic Offspring.  Dan has helped his team to four World Wiffle® Ball Championships, and a record eight Finals appearances.

Not only does Dan contribute in a big way with his bat, but he feels defense that has helped contribute to the success of Funky Plastic Offspring.

“I have always loved the momentum shift it provides when you make a great play on defense,” Dan said.  “The moment when everyone thinks there is a hit or a homerun and you quickly take the air out of the sails.  Athleticism, defense and no quit.  That’s FPO wiffleball.”

Schuster is not only a fierce competitor, but he understands what makes the game of wiffleball special:  that his team is family (almost literally).  The WWBC provides Dan, his brothers (Randy and Joey), “brother from a different mother” (Joel Cyrier), the opportunity to hang out and run around like kids for weekend.

As Dan says, “It doesn’t get any better than that.”

Have questions?  Want tournament updates?  Keep up with the WWBC:

Twitter/Facebook:  @WorldWiffleball
Instagram:  @worldwiffleballchampionship

Email:  worldwiffleballchampionship@gmail.com

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