Greetings 2018 World Championship contenders!

The 39th Annual World Wiffle® Ball Championship field is set for July 14-15 in Midlothian, IL and includes 51 teams from 10 states.

All teams (with all rostered players) MUST check-in no later than 8:15A CT Saturday and be present for the opening ceremonies. Late teams will be scratched from the tournament.

The following points are very important:

What to Bring/Not to Bring

Please remember to bring your own official yellow Wiffle® bats. (We will have a very few on-hand for use.) If you wish to warm up before/between games, you will also need to bring your own balls.

Memorial Park will have a fully-functioning concession stand open during play, with food and drinks (water, Gatorade, beer, etc). Outside alcohol is not allowed on the Memorial Park grounds during the tournament.

Also, please remember, per the rules, no cleats or turf shoes are allowed.

Directions, Parking & Time Zone Reminder

Remember if you live in the eastern time zone (most of Indiana, Michigan, and states east and south.), you will gain one hour on your trip to the Chicagoland area.

Directions: Memorial Park is bordered by Homan Ave to the West, Kedzie Ave to the East, and 145th Street to the South. Raday Lodge is located at the corner of Kedzie / 145th, and we would suggest navigating to that address: 3220 W 145th St, Midlothian, IL 60445.

Parking: There are three main areas to park surrounding Memorial Park: 1) Parking Lot off Homan Ave; 2) The west half of the Raday Lodge parking lot; and 3) Grass parking on 145th Street.

Player Check-In Deadline

The check-in deadline for ALL teams with ALL players on Saturday, July 14 is 8:15 a.m. CST. If you would like to warm up, please plan to arrive earlier.

Roster changes may be made at the scorer’s table as late as 8:15 a.m., with your 4- or 5-player roster then locked, with no switches or additions allowed during the weekend.

Opening Ceremonies

For those new to the World Championship experience, there will be a short introduction to the tournament, Saturday at 830A.

Rain or Shine

The championship tournament will be played rain or shine. We will stop for rain delays only in the event of dangerous weather conditions. Bring rain gear just in case, as scattered storms are in the forecast.


Remember to review the tournament rules thoroughly with your teammates before coming to the park. Please note the amendment to Rule #18, which is necessary due to Memorial Park’s 4-foot home run fences. For example, if a player leaves the ground in an effort to rob a homer and lands outside the field of play, it will count as a home run.

Of note, we have also eliminated the 50-minute time limit for games. This does not mean that you can refuse to throw hittable pitches or stand up at the plate for an unreasonable amount of time waiting for a perfect pitch. The “stalling” rule remains in effect.

Also remember that after hitting home runs, players are required to circle the bases at the World Wiffle® Ball Championship.

New teams may observe the first half inning of a first round game.

Game Procedure

Home team captains will pick up score sheets and a game ball at the scorer’s table prior to their game. Both teams will keep the score sheet, while batting each half inning, or you can come to an agreement to have one person responsible for the score sheet. Home captains will return the signed scoresheet to the scorer’s table after each game.

Teams are expected to be present for all games at the top of the hour that they are scheduled. If there is a slight delay in a team arriving to a field for its scheduled game, please check with the scorer’s table.

Pool Play & Single-Elimination Tournament

All teams will play four games on Saturday between 9A-3P, with division winners, all 3-1 non-division winners, and qualifying 2-2 teams taking part in Sunday’s single-elimination tournament, to be played Sunday from 8A-2P. Click here for a printable divisional setup and schedule.

The tentative plan is to have 24 teams qualify for Sunday. All 2-2 teams will have the opportunity to qualify for Sunday, with a likely 2-2 play-in, extra-inning tournament starting at 3P after the completion of pool play.

Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby field will be located between Fields 7 and 11 (see the field map below). From 9A-3P on Saturday, you will be able to take your shot at qualifying for the 4-person Derby Championship that will take place between 3P and 4P on Saturday.

It’s $5 to enter, with all proceeds going to South Suburban Humane Society, and you have 10 outs to hit as many homers as you can.


In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Thanks and see you Saturday, July 14 at 8 a.m., Chicago time!

World Wiffle® Ball Commission

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