Looking for a reason to sign up for the 39th World Wiffle® Ball Championship on July 14-15, 2018 in Midlothian, IL?  Here are 39!

Go and sign up before the clock strikes midnight on Friday, June 29 to get in on the fun!

39 – Raising money for a great cause:  helping the animals at South Suburban Humane Society

38 – High-fiving your son or daughter after a homer or a great defensive play
37 – Throwing curves, sliders, knucklers, and other creative pitches with a made-up name
36 – Not having to waive a ball fair like Carlton Fisk, because foul-ball homers count
35 – Designing and creating unique and fun jerseys for the tournament
34 – Having a beverage at the Memorial Park concession stand with friends…new and old
33 – Becoming the Plastic King of Swing by capturing the Home Run Derby crown
32 – Selecting a creative team name…there are some excellent ones this year
31 – Reliving your childhood diving for line-drives in the outfield
30 – Stealing home for a walkoff win in extras
29 – Taking time to watch Randy Schuster (of Funky Plastic Offspring) effortlessly rob a homer
28 – Participating in the World’s oldest Wiffle® Ball tournament
27 – Feeling like Mike Trout for a day after belting multiple homers
26 – Starting the tournament with a stellar rendition of the National Anthem
25 – Figuring out which “Ball Busters” you are playing…yes, there are two
24 – Pegging a runner just before he or she slides into home
23 – The amount of minutes to get to 3 Floyds in Munster, IN after a day of wiffle
22 – Lifting the most coveted trophy in all of plastic sports


21 – Taping the bat handle in creative ways. Remember, no loading bats like Sammy Sosa
20 – Witnessing wiffleball played on 20 (or more) fields simultaneously
19 – Avoiding a throw and circling the bases for an inside-the-park homer
18 – Marveling at Dan Lowe (of The Loweriders) blasting a ball onto Interstate 294
17 – Pitching to the future generation of wifflers in between games
16 – Becoming the 16th team to win the World Wiffle® Ball Championship
15 – Attempting to break the team consecutive home run record of 15
14 – Experiencing the thrill of chasing a World title for the first time, like 14 first-time entrants
13 – Watching a 13-year-old kid on the mound stare down a 63-year-old kid-at-heart in the batter’s box
12 – Making a magical Sunday run through the bracket
11 – Building a resume to join the 11 active players in the Hall-of-Fame
10 – Creating fun ways to penalize your teammates for striking out
9 – Competing against teams from 9 states
8 – The number of games you will likely need to win over the weekend to take home the title
7 – Rounding the bases after a majestic blast
6 – Having a chat about the early days of the World Wiffle® Ball Championship with tournament founder Jim Bottorff
5 – Challenging the 5 World Champions currently in the field
4 – Playing 4 guaranteed games on Saturday with a chance to qualify for the Sunday single-elimination tournament
3 – Taking one of the 3 active Hall-of-Fame pitchers deep
2 – Attempting to halt Cult West’s title run at 2
1 – Enjoying a summer weekend with friends and family hitting a white plastic ball with a yellow plastic bat.  What could be better than that?!

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