Fellow Wifflers!

We are now less than 2 months from the bringing the oldest, baddest Wiffle® Ball tournament in the World to Midlothian!

If you missed out on the sale, that’s OK. We are still including t-shirts with every registration up to June 1. Get in while the gettin’ is good. https://worldwiffleball.org/entry

As for the 2018 World Wiffle® Ball Championship, we have an announcement, some rule changes, and some Championship trivia to share with you.


Memorial Park has a fully functional concession stand at the heart of the complex. This means breakfast is available, as well as the typical concession fare (hot dogs, burgers, etc.).


It also means beer is available.

As a concession for the concessions, we have agreed to make sure that nobody brings their own alcohol into the complex. We understand that this rule has been on the books in the past but was not always strictly enforced. It will be this year. If you’d like to have a beer or two between games, we encourage that. You’ll just have to buy your tasty beverage at the concession stand. We, and our new home, thank you in advance.

Rule Changes/Clarifications

First, we’ve teased (and others have mentioned) that our new home has 4′ fences.

It’s true.

Because we want all of you to enjoy the tournament and emerge healthy, this requires a rule change. This year, in order to record an out at or over the fence, you must land in the field of play. If you jump and catch a ball but land over the fence, that is a home run. If you jump and hit the fence but land in the field of play, that is an out.

It’s simple: in order to record an out, you must land in the field of play.

Second, we want to announce a minor rule clarification.

We have always allowed a runner on third to lead off, and attempt to steal home. That stays the same.

However, we have heard of situations where runners on first or second base have tried to advance when a runner from third attempts to steal home. That’s not allowed. The only runner who can advance without a ball being put in play is the runner on third. Runners on first and second can only advance with a batted ball. No exceptions.

WWC Trivia

Entries are coming in from all over the United States.  Take a look:


Pretty cool. We’re still hoping to add some more states before July 14.

We recently tweeted (@WorldWiffleball) out some odds for this year’s tournament in light of the Supreme Court’s decision regarding sports gambling. Here are some more numbers to help you handicap this year’s field.

The following teams have the best winning percentages over the course of the past four World Wiffle® Ball Championships:


One Final Thing…

Like puppies? Who doesn’t?

As we announced last month, we have partnered with the South Suburban Humane Society. A portion of the entry fees from the World Wiffle® Ball Championship will go toward their very worthy cause. For more information, please visit www.southsuburbanhumane.org.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on July 14!

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